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The Light Shineth in Darkness

Five Studies in Revelation after Christ

George Ronald, Oxford 1977, ISBN 0-85398-072-1

This book is a collection of five separate studies of the Bahá'í Faith, Christianity and Islam. Translated from the German, and substantially revised, they deal with many popular misconceptions which arise from the religious and intellectual traditions of the West.

"As interest in the Faith grows accompanied by mounting criticism of its Teachings, the need for a book of this type becomes evident. It is a splendid teaching tool and very useful when put in the hands of certain inquirers. Bahá'ís, too, will find the book extremely interesting and profitable. The translation is excellent."
From the review of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom.

The library-oriented magazine CHOICE (October 1978) reviewed the book and described it as "an exceptional informative book in Baha'i-thought": "The unique feature of this well-expressed, scholarly presentation is the comparative treatment of the Bahá'í Faith, Judaism, Christianity and Islam... This sharpens what is understood to be distinctive about the Bahá'í Faith and demonstrates the author's ability to participate in Interfaith conversation on an impressive level."

The review recommended The Light Shineth in Darkness as "a valuable holding for a wide range of libraries". CHOICE put the book on the list of "outstanding academic books". The list singled out 509 outstanding academic books, selected from a total of 6,683 reviews that appeared in volume 15 (CHOICE, May 1979).